Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing & Management

We are social media experts and firmly believe social media is a brilliant marketing opportunity for most businesses – there are already more than 2.3 billion users on social media globally, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Exciting times, and so many people to target! This is where we start with our social media services and tools:


Creating a suitable social media marketing template and strategy, including that all-important Facebook strategy, is a key step in identifying the most beneficial platforms for your business. We will create and develop your social media profiles to ensure they are unique and perfect for you and your customers.

Content Creation & Management

Creative digital content and daily content management of your social media pages ensures the best results for your business. We offer a range of social media support, including management of your business pages on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Creating fantastic digital content is our job. Whether it’s compelling words on a website or on Twitter, a Facebook video or eye-grabbing images, we work really hard to give you content that engages both potential and existing customers. And it’s not just random! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something we not only think about but put into practice, every working day.


Focused advertising campaigns can be created to specifically target your ideal customer with key messages, whether the objective is to raise awareness, drive traffic to a website or promote a specific competition or event. Did you know that social media online advertising is one of the most targeted digital marketing tools around?

Insights & Analytics

The key aim of market insights research is to find out something that has not been made use of but that when used, will generate growth and profits. Google Analytics, which tracks and reports website traffic, is also essential, as is Facebook Analytics, which allows you to better understand the people looking at your pages. Identifying your customers, where they come from and what they look for, allows us to create targeted campaigns to increase engagement and awareness and generate a strong return on investment.

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