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Pick and Mix Marketing is 6!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us……   Pick & Mix Marketing is this week celebrating its sixth birthday! And what a fantastic journey it’s been since Sally, the founder started out on her own. Sally started Pick & Mix Marketing alone in 2011 from a desk at home, now with an office and…


Pick and Mix live for York Business Week – Join us!

Pick & Mix Marketing go LIVE for York Business Week! Is your Social Media feeling under the weather? Our Social Media Surgery, hosted live by our team of experts is the perfect time to ask those burning questions, and pick and mix the perfect remedy to revitalise and fight off the social blues! We will…


Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates October 2017

  The forever changing world of social media makes it difficult to keep up with the newest features and updates, so we’ve rounded up the biggest 4 to allow you to keep in the loop of the world of social media:     INSTAGRAM   Instagram have brought in a new feature which allows users…


Spook-tacular Halloween Marketing Tips for Business

Spook up your marketing this Halloween…but don’t SCARE your customers away!   Seasonal campaigns are a great way of enticing customers into your business, and Halloween is no exception. This is a great time of year to have some fun with your marketing and promotions. Here are a few of our favourite “spook-tacular” Halloween marketing…


Our Ten Top Tips for a successful Festive Marketing Campaign!

  Our Ten Top Tips for a successful Festive Marketing Campaign!   PLAN. Make a plan several weeks prior to the offer/event to give you plenty of time to promote the campaign. Allowing plenty of time for planning means you can be sure the offer/event is designed to target your potential customers as effectively as…



Jess’s first Great North Run, a great success!

Let’s rewind 8 months when the Great North Run ballot opened and I thought, “hey, I could do a half marathon, there’s plenty of time to train and what a great challenge for 2017!” in the back of my mind also thinking, “I’ll never get a place so there’s nothing to lose!”, fast-forward to the…


A day in the life of: Becca Cammidge

My Day: Becca Cammidge Role: Marketing Account Executive Likes: Fashion, dogs and chocolate! Dislikes: Morning traffic and negative people Favourite thing about the job: The fact that no 2 days are the same! Diary entries:   7.30 As soon as the alarm goes off, I am up! I find it much easier to get up as…


Overview of Google Analytics Acquisition

In the last Google Analytics blog we talked about the dashboard, and in this second blog we are going to focus on the ‘All traffic’ category of the acquisition section of the dashboard.  When you look at the acquisition section you can drill down into traffic, Adwords, search console, social and campaigns, but we will…


How to market your independent business in York

York is abundant with thriving, independent businesses, which we believe act as the cornerstone of the community and help to preserve York’s charm and uniqueness. Don’t get us wrong, we can all appreciate the ease of a chain of retailer or eatery, you know what you’re getting and how much it will cost. However, when…


Social Media Updates August 2017

Social Media Updates We all know how quick the world of social media changes, it’s hard to keep up even when working on the platforms daily (believe us!). Below is a summary that we have created with the latest updates from the main channels (as of August 2017), hopefully allowing you to be kept in…


A day in the life of: Sally Trousdale

My Day: Sally Trousdale   Role: Managing Director Likes: Horses, Yorkshire Tea, House Music, Mojitos, Spending time with Friends Family and Crisps (any size, flavour or shape just lots of crisps!) Dislikes: Traffic jams, being hungry and rude people. Favourite thing about the job: Having a wonderful team who are just amazing, and working with…



Pick & Mix Marketing’s Guide to Networking in York

Have you just started a business or simply want to be more involved in the York business scene? We are lucky to have a strong community of business owners that regularly come together to meet and support one another through various networking events in York. One simple conversation can lead to so many different paths,…


Up to date social media image sizes

Outdated graphic sizes are constantly shared online, so we have put together a list of correct sizes that you should be using NOW (accurate as of August 2017)   Facebook image sizes Facebook Cover photo size: 820 x 312 desktop / 640 x 360 mobile Facebook Profile photo size: upload 170 x 170 / 128 x…



A day in the life of: Jessica Valenghi

My Day: Jess Valenghi   Role: Marketing Account Manager Likes: Travelling and exploring new places, live music, getting muddy at festivals and my biggest love…. cheese and wine! Dislikes: Traffic jams, early mornings and people that dawdle! Favourite thing about the job: Watching businesses succeed and helping to be a part of it!   Diary…



Overview of the Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics quite simply is one of the most powerful tools we marketers can use to analyse and gain insight into our web traffic.  If you are a regular Google Analytics user you may have noticed that the dashboard has recently been updated to make it more user friendly, if you are a novice then…



How to create images in Canva

Have you ever heard of Canva? Used by millions of people around the world, Canva is a delight in the world of marketing for those that are not so expert in using design programmes such as Photoshop or Illustrator. It is an online programme that allows you to design professional layouts and stunning graphics that…



3 New Social Media Features

3 New Social Media Features Here’s 3 new social media features that could help develop your content and raise your brand profile event further. LinkedIn layout The social media network for professionals had made a big change by rolling out a completely new layout.  This new layout is like Facebook and now provides an instant…



Why should you get expert social media marketing help?

It is clear that social media has changed the digital world dramatically, so much so that we now communicate with one another and brands in such a different way than we used to. Having the majority of existing and potential customers online in one environment means that brands can reach out to them more easily,…



Becca’s first week in her new role!

As you may or may not think, my first week at Pick & Mix Marketing as an Accounts Executive was one of great variety! No two days were the same, but that was one of the best things about it. Having completed my degree in Fashion Marketing just 3 weeks before starting at Pick &…


Facebook Updates that you must read

  Unless you have hours of time on your hands then it’s difficult keeping up with all the latest updates to Facebook.   So, to help you we’ve pulled together the latest updates that we think you need to know. There are now 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook Video Cover Images More content…



Bespoke Facebook 1:1 Training Sessions

  Need Help with your Facebook business page? Are you wondering what to do with your business Facebook profile? Do you have a Facebook profile but are confused about what to post, when to post or even how to post? Then our Facebook 1:1 training sessions are just what you need! They are tailored to…



A day in the life of: Louisa McCoy

My Day Role: Marketing and Analytics Executive Likes: An eclectic mix of music, good quality strong coffee, travelling to Europe, handbags Dislikes: The dark, spiders, arrogant people and busy cities Career highlight: One of my greatest achievements thus far is gaining exposure for our client Marbletree on National TV; on ITV’s This Morning programme. In…



How to create a social media policy for your business

This month we’ve been looking at creating social media policies for businesses and we’ve taken this opportunity to ask Denise Jennings from Athena HR to create a guest blog with her expert advice. It’s tricky finding the middle ground between policing what your employees are posting on social media and managing the way they represent…


Social Media Crisis Management and how to be prepared

Crisis management: the process by which an organisation deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization, its stakeholders, or the general public, seriously interrupt business, damage reputation and/or negatively impact the bottom line. We have recently attended several lectures and workshops on crisis management which has influenced this blog post.…


Carluccio’s restaurant launch in York!

Carluccio’s restaurant launch in York!

Earlier this month we were one of the lucky few to be invited to the VIP event at the brand new Carluccio’s restaurant in York. The evening was not only to celebrate the grand launch of the venue but to raise a glass for the man himself, Antonio Carluccio, to toast his 80th birthday! The…



My Time at Pick & Mix Marketing: Abbey Signing Out!

Hi, I’m Abbey, a 21 year old undergraduate student at York St John University. As my second year comes to a close, there are only a few weeks before I enter my third and final year of university. This comes with a scary realisation that my student bubble will soon burst and I will have…



Pick & Mix Food Review…it had to be Skosh!

Less than a year on and Skosh simply oozes a sense of coolness and confidence To celebrate a successful first quarter of 2017 at Pick & Mix Marketing we decided to treat ourselves to a team meal out. Skosh was the obvious choice when selecting a venue for our celebrations, having worked alongside Neil and…



Our top 5 recommended social media blogs to follow!

  Are you looking to keep on top of social media and the ever-changing landscape of digital? Here are our top 5 social media blogs/websites that we think you should follow!   1) Social Media Examiner – “Your guide to the social media jungle” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Specifically, for social media, this site…



2 Social Media Metrics Your Business Should Track

When you’re investing time and money into an activity you want to understand the value and ROI it provides. Here are 2 social media metrics you should track: 1: Referral Traffic We always discuss with clients that it’s one thing to build up a social community on sites like Twitter and Facebook, but it’s how…



5 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media For Business

The top 5 reasons why we feel you should be using social media for business are: Social proof Consumers are more and more savvy about what products they purchase, whom and where from.  People will take the time to research online before making a purchase. By having a social media presence that is both engaging…



How to create a great social media marketing plan

Many businesses set off using social media and after a few months of posting each day and trying to understand if it is working they are left scratching their head and feeling frustrated with the lack of results. To prevent this situation from occurring we would always recommend creating a social media marketing plan before diving…



6 Quick Blogging Tips

1) Get Help from Yoast When it comes to SEO it can be tricky and can take a while to learn the best way to optimise your content.  One of the best tools that we’ve found for helping to get a handle on SEO (if you are WordPress user) is Yoast SEO for WordPress Plugin.  It…



Create an Eggtastic Easter Campaign

With the average child receiving £56.00 worth of Easter Eggs (, it’s no wonder thousands of businesses compete for sales over the Easter Holiday.  According to the Evening Standard the UK Chocolate Easter egg market is worth £220 million; yet these figures are just the tip of the iceberg as many non-Easter related companies use…



Engage with your customers this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up —have you planned your promotions yet? Here are 9 ways to engage with your customers and make the most of the Mother’s Day marketing opportunity!   Send a promotion via email If you sell directly — flowers, beauty or spa services/products, gifts etc, you should be sending out some email marketing…



Mailchimp image sizes to use

A question that often comes up when we are talking to people about creating email campaigns using Mailchimp is, what size images should be used? So we have taken inspiration from a fellow Mailchimp expert and put together a list of the correct sizes to use. Image sizes When you’re saving images, you should take…



10 Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement

With 317 million monthly users on Twitter, now is the time to really harness the power of the site and start getting results for your business.   There are many strategies you could choose and you will need to test a few to create the best approach and method for your business. Here are our…


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